God is my creator, and He knows my abilities. He knows exactly what I am capable of and each of my weaknesses. God knows my faults, my failures, my strengths and my accomplishments. He has faith in the abilities He has given me.

I have learned that my abilities are best used to serve God. My talents, gifts, and capabilities are from God, instilled in me for His purpose in my life. He provides the ideas, plans, directions and even the means for me, in my God given abilities, to successfully complete whatever task He has assigned to me. With my eyes on God and my trust in Him, I will not fail.

The world may see my dependency on Christ as a weakness but in truth the more I lean on Him, the stronger I become. I am then able to endure hardships, walk through valleys, or enjoy the mountain tops, knowing I am not alone. God’s love feeds my abilities, giving reason enough that I can enjoy using them to please Him.

God’s perfect wisdom in assigning gifts and then guiding me as I use them for Him is a wonderful blessing.