Coshocton Mayor Steve Mercer and West Lafayette Mayor Steve Bordenkircher have announced a tentative agreement has been reached for West Lafayette to to purchase water from Coshocton.

After the November vote by West Lafayette residents and only several months of negotiating, both sides have agreed on the terms and will be presenting to their respective councils on Monday night (March 4) for first readings. A total of three readings are required with a final majority vote to pass. The public is encouraged to attend the meetings and offer comment or call the local Mayor's office.

The Ohio EPA has been a leading proponent of this regionalization project and providing substantial funding that is making this long considered partnership possible, officials said.

If approved, the tentative schedule is for all funding applications to be finalized this year along with the engineer's drawings. Groundbreaking early next year should mean the conversion to city water will occur later in 2020.