Peggy Snyder has been painting ever since she was in grade school but still considers herself "a work in progress."

"I’ve always loved art," she said. "I first realized I had talent when I was in grade school. I would draw something and then see my picture on Grandma’s table being passed around. In high school I was incorrectly placed in art classes as a ninth grader but my art teacher quickly saw my talent and convinced the school to make an exception. My art teacher was Lee Ann Novotny who really encouraged me in art. She took myself and several others to Columbus one year to a college art class. She pushed me to go to art school but it was not financially possible."

Peggy said life and her faith present plenty of inspiration for whatever she would like to paint.

"Ideas pop into my head constantly," she said. "When our children were young and I worked full time, I never took the time to really paint, at least not until I joined a local group of ladies called the Junior Mother’s Club. Each year members worked on crafts that would then be sold by auction to raise money to give back to our community. It was in this group that God began to show me what I could do. Each year I got better. I was inspired. I was then asked to paint something for a benefit auction. I painted the Eureka Hardware with the canal. I love paintings that evoke a sense of nostalgia, warmth and meaning. I come up with ideas just by pulling on my own heartstrings. I love history in our old buildings, pictures and stories told. Pictures just pop in my head!"

"I’m not sure what the proper method is to create a painting. It used to be I would roughly sketch a subject and then begin to paint. This led to quite a bit of changes. Today, I sketch to a tablet. I may research other pictures of the same style for balance and technique. Sometimes, when the drawings complete I still decide to add something."

As she continues to paint, she continues to have projects.

"Currently, I am working on a series of five paintings that will be used to create a Christmas card collection," she said. "I hope to be done this year. Profit from the sales will go to Everal’s Church and other local non-profit organizations.

"As for my favorite painting. I love the picture of Mary praising God following the birth of Jesus, the Lamb of God. My Dad loved the Canal Boat picture so that is special to me. I love the folk art of my home where I grew up, a time when my parents were still together and our lives were carefree.

Peggy said she was influenced by Norman Rockwell during the 1960’s saying "He painted life at its best. As the old artists, it was Pierre August Renoir’s work that held my attention. I would draw his work and study the colors and paint strokes. Same with Claude Monte’. Today, I will still sit with my iPad going through the works or Steve Henderson, Graham Grecken, Leonid Afremov and Michael J. Smith, to name just a few. So many artist’s work to view at our fingertips! So different from my early days of youth! Finally, Thomas Kinkade, the painter of light! I often go to his work to study his technique."

But whatever her talent, Peggy says, "I give what talent I have to God. He is the reason."