Regina Schilling of Newcomerstown considers herself a beginning artist but those who see her paintings consider her a bit more advanced than that.

"I have done many types of art over the years," Regina said, "from decorative tole painting in the 80s, to stained glass, to poured painting and now to canvas painting."

To learn more about painting on canvas, Regina said she started watching YouTube videos in October of 2018.

"I tried two different instructors," she said. "Though I learned from both of them, Angela Anderson is excellent at explaining why she is doing what she is doing. The first painting of hers that I tried was of poppies on a black background. It was a simple painting and she claimed it was for beginners. When I finished this first tutorial, I was amazed at how it turned out. From there I tried another, and then another.

"I consider myself a beginner. I have not started to just sit down and start painting on my own. I have looked through royalty free photographs online and saved a few that I would like to paint someday. I have also taken some photos that I would love to paint. For right now, I still follow Angela Anderson's tutorials. She has many to choose from where I can continue to learn different techniques."

In deciding her next project, Regina said she looks for a subject that makes her smile or that will challenge her to try something new.

"This would include flowers and landscapes for sure, but I'm open to just about anything," she said.

Regina said she has two favorite paintings, so far.

"I painted Santa Claus before Christmas. He was my first portrait. He was in an ‘ugly stage’ for a very long time. I was ready to walk away from that painting many times. Then it seemed like all of a sudden he came together and actually looked like Santa. I was thrilled and I think that was the first time I believed I could actually paint. Then, West Elementary School has a facility dog now, named Otto. He's a beautiful golden retriever. I thought he needed a school picture so I took a picture of him, and put him on canvas. I used what I had learned from the video tutorials and again, after a long time in his ‘ugly stage," he magically appeared on my canvas. He took about six hours of work, and I am very proud of how he turned out."

Regina said she doesn’t have "one" favorite artist.

"I like Monet because of his soft colors in his waterlily paintings. I like Georgia O'Keeffe's large flowers. I also like impressionistic paintings because they leave more to the imagination."

To begin painting, Regina starts with a reference photo and makes a copy to the size of her canvas.

"I am not great at drawing freehand so from here I can trace the outline onto my canvas. At this point I can pick up a brush and get started with my acrylic paint. I find I am more creative in the evening when I won't be interrupted so much. Usually after dinner is when I find myself sitting at my dining room table ready to paint."