Newcomerstown Middle School officials recently named their "Students of the Month" for February. Following is what was submitted about each nominated student.

Lane Zickel, 6th grade son of Robb and Melissa Zickel, was chosen by his teachers as their Student of the Month for February, who have many positive comments to share about him. Lane is a conscientious student who is always willing to go above and beyond in the classroom. He is a very hard worker, and he always get his Accelerated Reader and IXL assignments completed well before they are actually due. Lane is a great role model and friend, because he is always willing to help those students who would want or need extra assistance. His teachers encourage him to keep up the excellent work! Lane's favorite class this year is science because he finds it interesting and fun. If he were principal of NMS, Lane would offer go-karting during lunch times, and would see to it that all students had a go-kart of their own to ride on the track. Some more fun facts about Lane are that he has one pet, a dog named Pep; his favorite meal is lasagna and garlic bread; in his spare time, he enjoys playing football, hunting, riding bikes, and playing Fortnite; the last movie he watched was Ralph Breaks The Internet; he feels honesty and kindness are two of his strengths; his all-time favorite book is The Darkest Minds; he doesn't feel he could live without Fortnite; his favorite celebrity is Ryan Reynolds; his worst fear is heights; and if he were invisible, he would stay up all night playing Fortnite. The best piece of advice he's received came from his mom, who said, "Don't believe all the rumors you hear. Most are made up or exaggerated." Lane feels his greatest achievement has been getting all A's and B's in school, and in the future, he hopes to attend college.

Congratulations to 7th grader Camryn Ellis for being nominated by her teachers as their pick for February Student of the Month! Camryn is an excellent student, who respects the classroom environment, makes sure she always has her work done, and offers to help others. She is also willing to "go the extra mile." For instance, on her own for history class, she learned a piece of music from ancient Greece and played it on the piano. Her teachers appreciate the extra effort she always gives, and wish her the best. Camryn, daughter of John and Bobbi Ellis, enjoys drawning, painting and dancing in her spare time, and says her favorite class this year is science because students get to enjoy a lot of fun, hands-on activities. If she were principal at NMS, she would make sure that if someone didn't feel safe at home, they would feel safe at school. Some more interesting facts about Camryn are that she has one pet, a cat named Chichi; her favorite meal is pizza; her all-time favorite book is Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret; her worst fear is spiders; the best advice she's received came from Gage; and she would like to help our world by making it a safe place where kids don't feel they are getting judged on everything they do or what they have done. So far, Camryn feels her greatest accomplishment has been learning to play the piano, and in the future, she hopes to have a job and a house of her own.

8th grader Jacie Tedrow was nominated by her teachers for this honor because she is a model student, who always gives great effort and has a positive attitude. Jacie leads by example and displays great character, personality and sense of humor. She is trustworthy, always willing to help, and stays very involved. Jacie is currently the President of our Newcomerstown Junior Honor Society, serves on the NMS Leadership Team, and is also a member of the NMS Volleyball team and plays softball. Jacie, daughter of Roy and Janet Tedrow, says her favorite class this year is American Sign Language because she believes learning a new language is FUN! In her spare time, Jacie enjoys playing softball and volleyball, and spending time with family and friends. If she were principal at NMS, she would have 5 more dogs like Otto! Some more fun facts about Jacie are that she has several pets, including 4 dogs (Murray, Quinn, Mavis and Molly), and a bearded dragon named Chubbs; her favorite meal is chicken tenders and french fries; the the last movie she watched was The Shallows; her all-time favorite book is Looking for Alaska; her favorite celebrity is Shawn Mendes; her worst fear is losing her family and friends; her pet peeve is squeaky shoes; and if she could possess one superpower, it would be teleportation because she could go anywhere at any time. Jacie feels her greatest achievement has been being voted President of the NJHS this year, and the greatest advice she's received came from her parents, who told her, "Don't change who you are to make others happy." In the future, Jacie hopes to be happy, and help others to be happy, too. Jacie, NMS is a better place because of you!