The mission of Trinity Hospital Twin City is to: "To nurture the healing ministry of the Church, supported by education and research. Fidelity to the Gospel urges us to emphasize human dignity and social justice as we create healthier communities."

Core values are: Reverence, Integrity, Compassion, Excellence.

During the last fiscal year, Trinity Hospital Twin City (THTC) spent over a quarter million on capital improvements. These improvements ranged from minor equipment like a stat centrifuge, computers, and AEDs to overhauling the hospital’s cardiac telemetry equipment for three departments. Thanks to the generous support of the Trinity Hospital Twin City Foundation, a separate not-for-profit 501c3 organization, the hospital was able to purchase a new cardiac monitoring system. The new Spacelabs Cardiac Monitoring System provides continuous monitoring of a patient’s heart and vital signs during their hospital stay. The nurse and/or doctor can observe the patient’s state while at the desk, or at bedside, if the patient is critical. The new system allows for interoperability between departments, so that if/when a cardiac event (abnormal heart rate, heart attack, etc.) happens, all available medical personnel can respond in a timely manner.

Also, thanks to the generosity and diligence of the hospital’s foundation along with some additional donations from the community and the Rosenberry Foundation, THTC has signed a purchase order for a new 3D mammography unit that will be installed during the first half of 2019. The hospital’s foundation led several fundraising campaigns starting in 2014 to support this equipment purchase. Breast cancer is the third most common cause of cancer death in Tuscarawas County. With the addition of this new technology, the hospital intends to find and diagnose breast cancer at an earlier stage, giving hope and a chance for long-term health to the women and men in the community.

The United Volunteer Auxiliary made a $62,255 donation to purchase a new serofuge and stat centrifuge for the hospital’s laboratory department and five new defibrillators. Funds were raised by the hospital volunteers through countless fundraisers and sales of merchandise at the coffee bar and gift shop. All of the new equipment can be life-saving in emergency situations. The serofuge is used by the lab to group and cross-match blood types, and the stat centrifuge can perform blood tests rapidly. For example, the centrifuge can provide rapid troponin level results, which are used to diagnose heart conditions such as heart attacks. The defibrillators can reset the heart rhythm in a patient whose heart has stopped beating or whose heart rate is irregular.

In her remarks to the volunteers, Erica Mesler, Certified Respiratory Therapist and Volunteer Coordinator, explained, "I have personally seen these machines save lives, and without them, our hospital would not be able to provide such a high level of care. On behalf of the hospital, thank you all so much for your continued dedication and hard work which allows us to provide exceptional care to our community."

Evidence-Based Staff Training

Catholic Health Initiative’s evidence-based Safety First training was provided out to THTC leaders in April 2018, and over the next few months, SafetyFirst was shared with employees and providers. The goal of this training is to have zero preventable serious safety events by 2020 by utilizing SafetyFirst expectations and techniques.

Service to the Community

THTC continues to have a passion for serving the needs of the community through education and outreach efforts.

Under the leadership of Dr. Tim McKnight, THTC continues to offer Fit for Life classes to the community at large, and a special diabetes prevention class was offered through June 30, 2018 thanks to the support of a federal grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration, Office of Rural Health Policy, for those who have recently been diagnosed or are at risk of being diagnosed with diabetes. For the grant project, THTC partnered with local agencies (Chrysalis Counseling Center, New Philadelphia City Health Department, Tuscarawas County Health Department, and the Tuscarawas County YMCA) to pool resources to make the program more effective.

The three-year diabetes prevention grant (which completed its last class in June 2018) achieved the following results:

• 122 people received counseling,

• 132 people received fitness coaching,

• 1,128 people received free A1C screenings,

• served 135 people with low-income status,

• served 540 adults through classes, mini-seminars, and grocery store tours,

• 100% of class members indicated that they would recommend the class to a friend,

• and persons taking the Fit for Life diabetes prevention class lost an average of 11 pounds.

Of the diabetes prevention program, participants have said:

"It was the boost I needed to focus on my health. I was feeling like I wasn’t in control. This helped a great deal to build my confidence about taking charge of my health."

"Healthy eating is a daily struggle, and having knowledge to make informed choices is very helpful."

THTC’s Community Outreach Department continued its good work to provide high quality educational programs for individuals, community groups, and business and medical professionals through health fairs, educational seminars, and community events reaching just over 4,500 people in fiscal year 2018. The department held numerous regular monthly health screenings at local senior centers, libraries, and grocery stores (with 2 screenings held at county food pantries to reach the underserved) serving 3,081 community residents in fiscal year 2018. The hospital’s free community health educational seminars were attended by a total of nearly 302 people. These seminars included the annual "In the Pink" breast cancer awareness and survivor recognition event, and the annual "Love Your Heart" health fair and mini seminar in honor of American Heart Month.

To demonstrate the hospital’s strong support of having healthy exercise opportunities easily accessible to the community, THTC continued to play a critical role on the local Panhandle Passage Trail committee. In May, THTC served as the sole sponsor of signs to extend the trail into the City of Uhrichsville along city streets and add an alternate loop throughout historic Union Cemetery. The hospital supplied over $4,500 in funding to purchase the signs and helped to install signage along this new section of trail that now completes a 3-mile loop throughout Dennison and Uhrichsville.

On July 31, 2018, the Trinity Hospital Twin City Chronic Disease and Chronic Care Management Program completed its second of three years of Federal grant funding from the HRSA Federal Office of Rural Health Policy. This program provides care coordination and disease self-management education for adults with two or more chronic diseases through the use of nurse patient navigators. The program achieved the following results during its second year:

• Served 308 adult patients with two or more chronic diseases,

• 45% of patients reduced their body mass index,

• 47% of patients reduced their Hemoglobin A1C levels,

• 52% of patients reduced their blood pressure,

• 42% reduced their overall cholesterol,

• And in a June 2018 survey of patients who were enrolled in the program for at least 6 months, 95% of patients said they would refer friends and family to the program, and 95% indicated that they have made and seen positive changes because of their patient navigator.

Patients (129 between the ages of 18 and 64, and 179 ages 65 and older) shared the following comments on the patient satisfaction survey:

"The navigators really check on you, and they listen and they call me to check on me."

"She makes sure I am doing well. Just knowing that someone cares since I’m older. If I need her, I can call her anytime."

"It’s nice to have someone to talk to that understands the medical issues that I have."

"She showed me how to make my meals easy to prepare and how spices can make my meals taste better."

2018 THTC Awards & Honors (Most impressive awards are highlighted.)

Finally, THTC was pleased to be recognized with the following accreditations, awards, and honors during the past year:

• Hospital accreditation from The Joint Commission, January 2018

• Chronic Care and Chronic Disease Management Program earned the Patient Care Improvement Award from the HRSA Federal Office of Rural Health Policy on July 18, 2018 recognizing the hospital for "leading a successful quality improvement initiative able to demonstrate the value in project efforts to sustainably improve the care provided for adults with chronic disease"

• Re-Accreditation from the American Association of Diabetes Educators for the Diabetes Wellness Program, Summer 2018

• An article (lead authors were Dr. Tim McKnight and Jennifer Demuth of the THTC staff) for the hospital’s Fit for Life program was accepted and published in the August 2, 2018 edition of Preventing Chronic Disease, a National peer-reviewed online medical journal that is distributed through the Centers for Disease Control. In December 2018, the article was published again in a special edition of Preventing Chronic Disease as a top 5 article for the year.

• At the Fall 2018 Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) Market Leader Conference, THTC was recognized with an award for being a top performer by receiving a trophy for "Most Improved Performance" in the area of patient experience.

• The THTC Imaging Department earned accreditations from the following: American College of Radiology Mammography Accreditation, Food and Drug Administration Certified Mammography Facility, and Mammography Quality Standards Act Accreditation

• The Laboratory Services Department earned accreditations from COLA and the American Association of Blood Banks

• The Rural Health Clinics earned accreditation from the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities

Key Messages

• In December 2018, to demonstrate system unity, Trinity Hospital Twin City changed its brand image to align with its parent organization, Trinity Health System of Steubenville. The new image clearly identifies Trinity Hospital Twin City as part of Trinity Health System and Catholic Health Initiatives.

• The only change is the hospital’s brand image. Twin Hospital Twin City continues to offer the same quality care and services under the same ownership, just with a new look.

In Summary

"THTC continues in its quest to provide excellent healthcare to the citizens of our service area. Our patients deserve to have available to them the best care we can possibly provide. We, like all healthcare facilities, have our challenges. We, unlike all healthcare facilities, have extremely dedicated employees and providers who all have the needs of the patient at the heart of what they do. I am very fortunate to be working with such devoted individuals. Our employees are our best asset."

Teresa Gagliardi, Vice President of Hospital Operations and Site Administrator, THTC