As I drove today I considered what thought or words I should include in the Blessing this week. I was running errands so between stops I listened to Clean Air Radio. Between songs David offered words of commentary or sometimes read short news articles. As so often happens with me I missed the first part of the news article but it was about a man who had been caught and arrested, again, for stealing. I believe he had been arrested numerous times so was already on probation and was ordered more probation time. Let me say here that it wasn’t the news that caught my attention, but it was what David said afterward. I won’t even try to quote what he said but it was that he has a heart for these people. There are so many questions we don’t have the answers for. How was this man raised? Believe it or not some children are taught to steal. Was he from a broken home or an abusive family? Did his stealing begin because he was hungry? Did he steal a coat or blanket in the middle of winter? Does he have an addiction that he hasn’t been able to be free of? Then again maybe he did steal for the thrill of it. Could it be that he really does not want to work and pay his own way? Was stealing just an easy out for him? Yes, we all make choices about how we want to live or the direction we want to take but ‘what if’ he did have a very bad beginning and now is headed for a worse ending? Should I care?

There was one more question David asked. What if no one has ever told him about God? That’s the part I heard very plainly.

Who should tell him? Me? You? Is there another man woman or child that has not heard the Gospel Message? Will God give opportunity for me to do that? Should I ask Him? Should I have a heart for these people as David does? Should I try to see them as God sees them?

It’s a blessing to know that no matter the life one has lived God is willing and able to forgive, redeem, and change in a miraculous way.