Newcomerstown Middle School officials recently named the "Students of the Month" for March.

Following is what was submitted for the March nominees:

"The Sixth Grade Team has nominated Larissa Stull as Student of the Month for numerous reasons. Larissa's teachers shared that they feel she is a positive role model for NMS, who works extremely hard in all of her classes and takes the initiative to do more than what's expected of her at school. She is willing to complete work and prepare for upcoming assessments outside of class. Larissa is a wonderful peer tutor, is always willing to help, shows genuine concern for others and makes her peers feel appreciated. She can always be counted on to jump in and provide assistance in the classroom any time another students needs help. Larissa, 6th grade daughter of Dana and Richard Stull, enjoys playing softball, volleyball, basketball, and just enjoys life in general. Her favorite class is Science because students get to do experiments and other fun stuff. If she were principal, she would allow students to wear sandals, and permit them to use their phones for school work and school appropriate games. Some more fun facts about Larissa are that she has two pets - dogs named Lily and Chloe; her favorite meal is taco salad; the last movie she watched was Night School; her all-time favorite book is Braced; one of her strengths is her athletic ability; her favorite celebrity is Post Malone; she doesn't feel she could live without her family, and in fact, her worst fear is losing her family; and, if she were invisible, she would enjoying anonymously helping people do stuff, such as clean. The best piece of advice Larissa has received came from her parents who said, ‘You can follow any dreams you have and don't let anything stop you.’ Larissa feels her greatest achievements have been in school and sports, and in the future, she hopes to attend either Akron University or Ohio State University. Larissa's teachers are very proud of her and of her drive and dedication to meet her goals!"

"Makayla Phillips, 8th grade daughter of Dustin and Elizabeth Phillips, was chosen by her teachers as their March Student of the Month because she is a polite, kind and friendly young lady. It's not very often that you see Makayla in the building that she doesn't have a big smile on her face. If anything is ever bothering her, you would never know! She is a hard working students that cares about her grades and takes pride in her work. Makayla is very self-motivated and we never have to worry about her not doing what she needs to do to be successful. Makayla is always willing to lend a helping hand hand is someone needs it. The 8th grade team enjoys having her in their classes and will certainly miss her when she moves on to the high school. Some of Makayla's hobbies and activities include hanging out with her friends, playing with her siblings, and messing around on her phone. Her favorite class this year is Math because she likes math and enjoys helping others to learn more about 'math stuff.' If she were the principal, she would allow people to wear flip flops, chew gum, and have their phones out. Some more fun facts about Makayla are that she has several pets - 3 cats, 2 dogs, 1 turtle, and 1 fish; her favorite meal is tacos; the last movie she watched was Benji; her favorite all-time book is Diary of a Wimpy Kid; her favorite celebrities are Luke Bryan and Carrie Underwood; she feels that one of her strengths is her ability to excel at math; her worst fear is snakes; she doesn't feel she could live without her family and friends; and, if she were invisible, she would enjoy sneaking up on people. Makayla feels her greatest achievement so far has been acquiring the the wonderful friends that she currently has, and the best advice she's received came from her parents, who told her to ‘always pay attention’!! In the future, appropriately enough, Makayla hopes that can become a math teacher. Makayla's teachers encourage her to be proud of this SOM accomplishment, saying, ‘You deserve it!’"

No seventh grade student was provided.