The first of three readings was recently given for an ordinance concerning a salary raise for Newcomerstown Mayor Patrick Cadle, and the Solicitor, Robert Stephenson.

The salaries are being recommended for increase as follows:

The Mayor shall receive $30,000 per year for the first term in office after the passage of the ordinance, which will increase to $35,000 per year for the second term, and $40,000 per year for the third year term.

The Solicitor, by contract, shall receive $20,400 per year.

The salary increases would begin January 1, 2020. The mayor currently receives a $10,000 per year salary, while the Solicitor receives $20,000 per year, per contract.

The mayor position is designated as a full-time, 32 hours per week, with benefits the same insurance with applicable co-pays, contributions as per the other village employees. The mayor is required to devote no less than 32 hours per week for village business.

Other business discussed during the April 1 regular council session included:

• The police department is looking at forming a school crossing guard pool made up of volunteers. They are hoping to have adequate amount of suitable volunteers by September, 2019 for the upcoming school year.

• New form of billing for water services started April 1. The bills will now be in a letter format. The post card format has been discontinued.

• The Mayor announced that monthly reports for both Newcomerstown Emergency Rescue Squad, and Tri-County (EMT and Fire Department) and will be provided on a monthly basis. This will include a report of the amount of runs, types of calls, and runs.

• William Alberts Co. was approved by council for the West Street paving project.

• A second demolition company will soon be visiting the Simonds property to give bids for removal of the structures, and debris.

• The Village of Newcomerstown will be hosting mayors of Tuscarawas County at Olde Main Street Museum & Social Center on April 23.

• Council approved new monitoring wells at the old landfill site, at a cost of $6,328.

The village is currently advertising for Water-Sewer Superintendent following announcement that the current Water Superintendent will be retiring in August, 2019.

• Fit 4 U Fitness owner Mike LaVigne presented information to council regarding his business. LaVigne was requesting that the village remind citizens, and visitors to the area to remember the local businesses, and their need for patronage, and ongoing support.

The next council session is scheduled for April 22 at the Library Annex.