The Walters Family, with patriarch Wallace "Weary" Walter living in Newcomerstown, recently traveled all the way to Florida for a true "Destination Family Reunion."

Pam Walters was one of those making the trip with her father and other family members, saying, " We are truly blessed with family and old and new memories.

"We all enjoyed an awesome weekend in Pembroke Pines, Florida, with 11 first cousins (of a possible 28) from states different stares and representing six of the eleven Walters brothers and sisters.

"One of the biggest blessings was Wallace "Weary" Walters and his sister Barbara Walters Hansen getting to see each other after almost eight years.

"We decided to have "Cousinfest 2019" after discussing it at the annual family reunion in June of 2018. We met again in October at the Elks Lodge in Newcomerstown and picked the date. Each cousin took some names to contact so the whole crew knew what the plan was. Emails and text messages starting flying around we quickly picked a final date. Cousin Karen Hansen graciously hosted us for the reunion.

"We hung out together at Hollywood Beach for several hours and then went back to Karen's house for the Super Bowl. On Monday some of us went on an airboat ride at the Everglades. Monday evening we went to Cousin Sandy's house for some more food, games and fellowship where we decided what happened in Florida stays in Florida.

"This trip was a blessing from God and we all felt very fortunate to be able to get together."