At our ladies meeting last week the room smelled overwhelmingly good with the smells of coffee and coffee flavored drinks to be found in a coffee house. The food was tasty and coffee house fresh. No complaints there.

Then Rachel brought what I thought, was a very moving and touching devotional. This pertained to why I might go to a coffee house, who I might meet, and what we might talk about. People go there to study, read, or meet with friends or co-workers. Their conversations might consist of discussing problems, plans for the week, who’s dating who, or today’s homework assignment. This can all happen over coffee or tea. As Rachel worked her way through this she read several scriptures referring to who I might meet and what might be the subject of our conversation.

Did I hear Rachel say that since Jesus is my friend I might meet with Him there? He is my friend, so yes I could meet Him. We could talk about the things most pressing to me today. We could discuss my concern for a friend who may be struggling, His plans for my life, a scripture I don’t understand, or it may be a time I could thank Him for a wonderful blessing. This would certainly make a trip to the coffee house one I would not soon forget.

As I thought more about this the past few days I am reminded that I can share a cup of coffee with Jesus at my own kitchen table; it need not mean a trip to a coffee house. The Jesus I know wants to spend time with me and He has never refused an invitation. Always He sits in the rocking chair near my computer as I write and when I am at a loss for a way to put my thoughts into words I look to Him for the answer.

It’s a blessing to know that Jesus is a true friend and not just a name in the Bible or someone the pastor talks about every Sunday. He is real; He’s alive, and He wants to spend time with me, every day.