I was driving one day this week and I heard the song, "I Have Not Forgotten." It carries the message that I have not forgotten about God. I remember the love, mercy, grace, peace, and joy that He gives. I have not forgotten that He gave His only son to die for my sins. I will never forget that the blood Jesus shed washed my sins away, leaving me clean and free to enjoy life with Him knowing too, that I have an eternal home with Him waiting when this life is over.

How could I forget about God? Everywhere I look, everything I do, and all that I have reminds me of Him. I listened to the song and watched the clouds knowing God put them there. I see the season just beginning to change and I know it’s according to God’s plan. My friends and family remind me that there is a God who created us all. My new great granddaughter reminds me that the generations will continue until God says it’s over. My food, clothes, home, and even the church where I worship was provided by Him. Healing, wisdom, talents, and gifts are all God given. The opportunities I have to witness or praise Him are a part of His plan for my life.

I have God’s Word and His Spirit to guide and direct me. His love surrounds me reminding me that I am His child. I sense His presence during the darkest nights, through the hard times when it seems I am so alone. His promises remind me that He will never leave me. He will never forget me.

No, I have not forgotten. It’s a blessing to know and remember the one true God, the Lord and Master of my life, my Savior, and my friend.