I have been discouraged the last several years regarding the negativity "mongers" in our society. Yes, this negative mentality has been alive for years in society but now, unfortunately it seems that social media has allowed this destructive mentality to proliferate as people seem to be HUNTING for negative situations to "feed" on.

There has been some recent negative publicity regarding Newcomerstown Schools (apparently because of poor personal decisions by one individual) but this MUST NOT cause people to think of, and THRIVE on NEGATIVITY involving our great school system! I cannot confirm the statistics but it seems like reactions to isolated negative incidents often mirror the reactions to few and far between plane crashes as seemingly many people look for every opportunity to jump on the negativity train and ride with GLEE. As an avid pilot, I understand that plane crashes are NOT common, AND as an avid NCT supporter and graduate, I understand that NCT School crashes are also NOT at all common thanks to our hard working/dedicated staff. And that there are SO MANY SUCCESSFUL "flights" made by SO MANY Newcomerstown School personal, administrators, and students every day that the numbers are mind boggling!

I am so thankful for the wonderful life that my wife, Molly, and I, along with our AMAZING daughters, are enjoying thanks, in large part, to the education we all received, and are receiving, from the AMAZING PEOPLE, past and present, in the Newcomerstown school system!

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE focus on the 88.8% (nothing is perfect) positive things that are happening in NEWCOMERSTOWN SCHOOLS, NEWCOMERSTOWN CHURCHES and the VILLAGE OF NEWCOMERSTOWN as a whole, thanks to the AMAZING PEOPLE who are dedicating their LIVES to making a positive difference in the LIVES of the youth and citizens of NEWCOMERSTOWN!

Mel Lahmers