For a few years I have noticed that I was experiencing a loss of hearing. Voices were not clear, or not heard at all. Questions were asked that I could not answer because I did not hear the question. Often I would ask someone to repeat what had been said. More often, especially in the last months, I would simply not say anything allowing that person to believe I heard what was said. Many times I heard, "I told you that." Then I would need to admit that, "Yes, you probably did, but I didn’t hear you." I know this all frustrated my family and friends alike.

Then about a month ago I went for a hearing test and was told I have significant hearing loss in both ears. I am told hearing aids would probably help but now I must consider what to do about that.

I also considered staying away from church. I would stay home and listen to the sermons on line. There I could control the volume, turning it as loud as I needed. So many times I sat in the pew, listening, but hearing only a few words here and there during the message. I wanted so much to hear what the preacher said; I knew it was a message from God and so was very important. I just couldn’t hear it.

Then Sunday evening I was asked to try something different. I was given a power pack, I think it’s called, and a set of headphones. With these I could hear all that came through the microphones to the speakers. I COULD HEAR THE PREACHING. All of it! Now I have another choice; to use modern technology, with a set of headphones to hear the preacher. I think I like this choice best.

I’m not sure who all was involved in finding and obtaining this equipment but I thank you, and I praise God for what you have done. I know it will help not only me, but others who have a hearing problem.

It’s a blessing to know I have a church family that cares about me. It’s also a blessing to know that God can, and will, use all that we offer for His honor and His glory.

Published in the Countryside Baptist Church bulletin September 30,2018.