The Sixth Grade Team is proud to share some facts about their star student for the month of April. Sean Lawrence is a sweet and polite young man, is a great student in class, and he has made the honor roll each nine weeks. He is always willing to try to help his peers, and is one of our most improved students in the sixth grade, with writing being his most improved subject. Congratulations and keep up the great work! Your teachers are very proud of you, Sean!

Sean, son of Gabe and Katie Lawrence, says his favorite class this year is band, because he gets to play music, and in his spare time, he enjoys swimming and building things. If Sean were the principal, he would require the whole school to go to the county fair as a field trip. Some more fun facts about Sean are that he has a favorite cat named Moo and a rabbit named Rupert; his favorite meal is mac and cheese; the last movie he watched was Aquaman; his all-time favorite book is Stick Dog; his favorite celebrity is God; his worst fear is spiders; he feels his strengths are camping and building; he doesn't feel he could live without his family; and if he were invisible, he would always win at hide and seek.

The best piece of advice that he has ever received came from Mrs.Tice who said, "It’s ok to make mistakes." In his life, he feels his greatest achievement has been conquering his fear of heights. In the future, Sean hopes to become a great architect.