The sign said "Make the decision to do what Jesus has asked you to do."

The Bible is full of commands, examples and teachings of how I am to live and what I am to do. God has given each of us special talents and spiritual gifts. These of course are to be used to edify the church and other believers. His Word tells me that we are all different, yet members of the body of Christ. We have each been given unique ways of serving Him.

Yet God has a will or plan for my life that I am sure is different than what He has for you. I can serve by writing. You may be a teacher or maybe you play a musical instrument. In Ephesians chapter four I find that God has given us each special gifts, or called us to a specific job that He wants us to fulfill.

It took some time and much prayer for me to understand what it was God was directing me to do. But once I determined His will for my life I have tried to work towards completing the task He has given me. There may always be more for me to do, but I believe He will give me the time I need to do all that He asks of me.

What has God asked of you? Have you, like the sign says, made the decision to do what Jesus has asked of you? Do you have special talents or gifts that can be used for Him?

Matthew 11:30 reads For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light. These words of Jesus remind me that He will never ask more of me than I am capable of. I have found that His yoke truly is easy and His burden light.

It’s a blessing to know that any decision made for Christ is always the best one.

Published i the Countryside Baptist Church bulletin July 8,2018.