I saw a sign recently that said, "How many times did God help you and you didn’t know it?" Wow! How do I answer that in 300 words or less?

I can’t begin to count the times God has helped me, and I knew it. Looking back, there were many times He helped me and I didn’t know until afterwards.

Many years ago I lost a job that definitely was not my desire. Six months into a new job I met the man who was to be my husband. I didn’t plan any of this; it was all job related and beyond my control. God orchestrated the whole thing. Again, many years ago my daughter and I were delayed in our evening walk by five minutes because of a cat. Those five minutes put us in the time and place to help rescue a girl who was screaming for help. God helped us, help her.

How many times did God save me from an accident that I never knew about because I missed it? Was it Him that prevented me from taking a wrong turn? What about when I arrived early, or maybe late, saving me from what could have been a horrible experience? I can’t count those times because I don’t know.

The Bible tells me that God knows what I need before I even ask. He says to cast my care upon Him because He cares for me; I have not because I ask not. Psalm 116:1 says, I love the LORD, because he hath heard my voice and my supplications. God always hears my prayers and answers in the way that is best for me, and that’s what I want.

So why pray if He will answer in the way He wants? If you know the Lord, you know why. But how do I explain this to someone who does not have a relationship with Him?

I have no Father who is more loving, no greater helper, and no closer friend than the lord God who created me. He knows my needs and my wants. He sees my faults, and knows when I work to get things right. He loves me unconditionally. He hears my every prayer, listens when I just need to talk, and answers in a way that may be known only to me. He helps me when I ask and when I don’t; when I am aware of His presence and when I’m not.

There is absolutely no greater blessing than to know the Lord who is with me at all times, in all places, for every reason.