Seventh-grader Brooklyn Hall was chosen by her teachers as their April Student of the Month for many reasons. She strives to do her best on her assignments and is determined to figure out a difficult concept. In addition, she is always kind to others and respectful in class. Her teachers wish her the best as she continues her education. Brooklynn, daughter of Misty Ross, enjoys playing basketball and volleyball in her spare time, and says science is her favorite class this year because she enjoys doing experiments and learning about the earth along with the plants and animals in it. If she were principal at NMS, Brooklynn says she would allow people to be on their phones at some point during the day. Some more fun facts about Brooklynn include that the has several pets — a horse, a dog, a cat and a snake; her favorite meal is pizza; her favorite television show is Grey’s Anatomy; her worst fear is heights; and her pet peeve is when she is on her phone, and realizes she has forgotten to close out all her apps. The best advice she has received so far came from her mom, who said, "Don’t listen to what people say; just be your own person." So far in life, Brooklynn feels her greatest accomplishment has been getting inducted into the Newcomerstown Junior Honor Society, and in the future, plans to further her education to become a doctor or a nurse practitioner. She would like to continue to help the world by cleaning up trash and not polluting.

Eighth-grade teachers nominated Clint Durben as their April Student of the Month because he is consistently one of the best students in the eighth-grade class. In addition to giving great effort all of the time, Clint’s genuine interest in a variety of subjects makes him a well-informed conversationalist. Outside of the classroom, Clint participates in marching band and Science Olympiad. For his efforts this year, Clint has also been named as one of our two Archie Griffin award winners. Clint, son of Robert and Cheyenne Durben, enjoys participating in band and Science Olympiad, and creating stop motion animation in his spare time. His favorite class this year is history because of the interesting topics and the conversations that are evoked. If Clint were principal, he would try to offer more foreign language classes. Some more fun facts about Clint are that he has several pets — a dog, a cat, and 2 fish; his favorite meal is a quesadilla; the last movie he watched was Avengers: Endgame; his all-time favorite book is Illusions; his favorite celebrity is Jordan Peterson; he feels his strengths include math and science, and feels his greatest achievement has been getting elected as the Newcomerstown Junior Honor Society president; and his worst fear is being alone. The best piece of advice he’s ever received came from his brother, who told him, "Don’t put off work." In the future, Clint hopes to become a missionary pilot.

Makenzie Johnson, daughter of Sarah and John Johnson, was nominated as the sixth-grade Student of the Month for May. Her teachers have numerous comments to share about their star student, including that she is always on task and prepared to do her best. She is a positive role model for her peers, and is willing to help others when they need it.

Makenzie also shares her ideas and participates well in class. She works very hard to maintain good grades and is always up for a challenge. Her teachers are very proud of Makenzie and encourage her to keep up the hard work! Makenzie’s favorite class this year is science because she enjoys all of the hand-on learning activities.

In her spare time, she enjoys playing volleyball and basketball, spending time with her family and lambs, and also twirling baton. If Makenzie were principal, she would allow students to wear crocs with the straps in the front, and also allow them to chew gum durung school. Some more fun facts about Makenzie are that she has several pets (3 dogs — Cooper, Coco, and Harley, and 2 lambs — Hurricane and Thunder); her favorite meal is steak, mashed potatoes and veggies; she feels her strengths include her volleyball skills and being kind; the last movie she watched was Walk. Ride. Rodeo; she can’t choose her all-time favorite book because it’s too hard to pick just one!; her worst fear is lizards; she doesn’t feel she could live without her family and her dogs; and if she were invisible, she would have fun scaring her mom. The best piece of advice Makenzie has received came from her mom, who said that "life is too short to spend time with people who suck the happiness out of you." Makenzie’s feels her greatest achievement has been getting straight A’s and serving a whole set in a volleyball game.

In the future, she hopes to become a marine biologist so she can help change the world.

Ashton Hill was selected by the seventh-grade teachers as their May Student of the Month because he is an all-around good student. His teachers appreciate his respectfulness, attentiveness, and hard work ethic. Often, he goes beyond what is required. For example, in Mrs. Baker’s class, he completed more topics than were required. His teachers really enjoy having him in their classes.

Ashton, son of Missy Beal and Terry Hill, enjoys playing video games in his spare time, and says his favorite class this year is history because he loves learning about the past, especially World War II. If he were principal, Ashton would enforce the rules even more and issue stricter punishments. Some more fun facts about Ashton are that he has one pet, a blue parakeet named Vencer; his favorite meal is very sweet potatoes; his favorite television show is The Office; his all-time favorite book is Eragon; his pet peeve is boy bands; and his worst fear is the unknown.

The best advice Ashton has received came from his parents, who told him, "People don’t control your emotions. YOU do!" So far in life, Ashton feels his greatest accomplishment has been earning great grades in school.

In the future, he hopes to become a video game designer, and make the world a better place by creating games for people to enjoy.

Eighth-grade teachers chose Abby Kennedy as their May Student of the Month due to her exceptional work ethic, attitude and performance at N.M.S. Abby, daughter of Craig Kennedy and Susan Lahmers, is a leader as a student, an athlete and a person. She is always willing to help in any way to make our school a better place, and our school is a better place with her here.

Abby enjoys playing volleyball and running track, and says her favorite class this year is ELA because it is interesting and Mr. Kiner is a good teacher. If she were the principal, she would spend many days just hanging out with our service dog, Otto.

Some more fun facts about Abby are that she has a dog named Hank; her favorite meal is mac and cheese; the last movie she saw was When the Game Stands Tall; her all-time favorite book is The Christmas Shoes; her favorite celebrity is David Dobrik; her worst fear is snakes; and her pet peeve is being ignored. So far in life, Abby feels that her greatest accomplishment has been maintaining good grades and staying involved in any way possible. In the future, she hopes to continue to earn good grades, so she can be accepted at a good college.

Abby says that the best piece of advice she has ever received was from her mom who said, "Always treat people the way you want to be treated." When asked what super power she would like to possess, Abby said that she would choose the power of probability because then she could make anything happen.