Lord as I watch the many changes around me I am reminded of you and your constant presence in my life. The new leaves on the trees, blooming flowers, and green grass show me once again that your Word is sure. I hear the birds as they return from their winter homes in the south. Warm days and sunny skies say that winter can sleep again until summer is passed.

As I try to line this all up with the teaching of your Word I am amazed, again, of the details that mattered to you when this world was formed. And you created it all.

Even as you set the sun, moon, and stars into motion you created man, in your image. Genesis 1:27 tells me this is true. "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them." I can never doubt that your Word and your world is true, living and turning according to your will. I thank you for new life in my surroundings.

I am thankful, too, for the life you have given me. The many years we have spent together contain memories and blessings more precious to me than words can tell. I pray you will give me many more days with the thrill and wonder of walking with you. Help me to live by the guiding of your spirit, looking always to please and serve you. As I read your word give me understanding of the words and the meaning of the message you have given to me. I want you to know of my love even as I understand a little more each day about your love for me.

Touch and bless my family and friends. Draw them to you in your own special way. May I see your spirit working in their lives?

Life is a blessing, and blessings come when I live for you.