Once again the village is receiving reports of persons misusing the recycle bins. Council member, Heather Stein-Wells reports that she recently received a call from an individual that recently witnessed two adult males drive up to the recycle bins in a truck piled high with garbage bags, and illegally deposit the multiple garbage bags into the recycle bins during daytime hours. The recycle bins, located off of College Street, near the Newcomerstown Emergency Rescue Squad office, and the Street Department headquarters, have been the subject of previous reported illegal dumping. The resident that witnessed the illegal dumping said that they were unsure of who they should contact regarding the matter when it was witnessed. The residents that live in close proximity of the recycle bins have since been educated that they need to obtain a description of the person(s), the vehicle, and obtain the license plate number, then contact the police department immediately. A description of the vehicle, and the two men are being investigated.

Village council members discussed their concerns that if the recycle bins continue to be misused that the village could potentially lose the privilege of having the program offered to the residents of Newcomerstown. The village is asking all residents that witness anyone depositing items that are not recycle items (paper, cardboard, metal cans, plastic bottles, aluminum) to jot down a description of the person(s), vehicle and the license plate number, and possibly take a picture with their phone/ camera and contact the police department immediately. The village has had reports of persons depositing old mattresses, furniture, appliances, as well as bags of garbage during the nighttime. The village said that they are not going to risk losing the recycle program, and are going to the fullest extent to identify individuals that are illegally dumping their garbage, and other non recyclable items, and they plan to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law, which will include substantial fines, and possible community service, or incarceration.

The village has several cameras at the site, and will be adding more. They are also looking at possibly containing the area, and locking the gate to access the area during nighttime hours.

Other business discussed during the village’s July 15 regular council session included:

Council discussed the issue with sidewalks that are in disrepair and some options for residents and business owners to repair, replace the concrete walks that are in front of their residences, or places of business, particularly on Main Street/ downtown area. The Streets, Sidewalks, and Recreation committee is currently in process of updating the ordinance.

Kristie Wilkin, member of the newly developed cemetery board announced that the name selected for the group of supporters of the cemetery is Family & Friends of the Newcomerstown Cemeteries. Several projects will be completed soon. Several trees that are in bad condition will be removed near Babyland. Several more security cameras to be installed at the cemeteries. Fundraisers are being planned. The cemetery group also now has a Facebook page and the board members are requesting support for the page by liking and following the page.

NERS is selling tickets for upcoming fundraiser, Wine & Dine that will be held at the Yellow Butterfly Winery on September 5, 2019.

Council approved a lot split at Creekside.

Council is considering a request by ArtsNCT to be considered for use of the village’s bed tax money to help support the local arts.

Council approved a contract with West Lafayette, Plainfield for mosquito spraying.

A second reading was given for ordinance #08-2019 concerning the control and regulation for house numbers to be appropriately displayed on each and every residence in the village.

A local resident verbalized concerns with the speed bumps, and one-way designation for Ohio Street.

The next regular council session is scheduled for Aug. 5, 2019.