While it’s technically not "new," the website (www.newcomerstownoh.com) for the village of Newcomerstown has very little that remains the same as it was earlier this year.

"It is not a new website but a drastic overhaul of the old one," Mayor Pat Cadle explained. "We have not been satisfied with (the website) since taking office here. Last year we contracted with Dotson Design out of Coshocton to help us redesign the website to where it would provide the information companies and people would want to find out about us.

"We provide pictures and links to the different opportunities available in Newcomerstown whether it’s a contact to the Community Improvement Corporation site or what places we have to eat out at."

Mayor Cadle emphasized that the village also wants to provide opportunities for different organizations to post annual or spontaneous events that will attract others to the community.

"Attractive pictures make the site more interesting to look at. We use Facebook for more current events and announcements. The website should be more of an anchor for how the village wants to be perceived," the mayor said.

Helping with the process has been Erica Gress, who was hired this year as an administrative assistant, and Lisa Stiteler, village financial officer.

Mayor Cadle said Gress has been instrumental in making changes to improve the website. He also noted that part of the success of the website has been input from the village department heads, who he said have been good about looking ahead to suggest changes on the site. Those include Stiteler, Police Chief Gary Holland, Utilities Superintendent Tom Sauerbrey and Street Superintendent Travis Goodwill.

In the introduction on the website, Mayor Cadle writes, "Our council and city departments are building a new foundation and planning for a productive future. Our village leaders and employees are working hard to take care of the everyday needs of the citizens. With steady improvement and success over the past three years our citizens are ready and excited to see what can happen as we all work together.

"Newcomerstown has the best industrial park in three counties, with the infrastructure any corporation would require to succeed. Local businesses provide the materials necessary for just about any part of life a family would need to thrive. Restaurants wineries, groceries, hardware, banks, and places of worship - they are all here! And with marketing assistance from the Newcomerstown Community Improvement Corporation, Tuscarawas County Chamber, EODA, and the Jobs Ohio programs, more opportunities are coming our way.

"You can see the brighter side in our excellent schools, our unique museums, an outstanding library, and a beautiful park and pool. We invite you to take a drive to see all that our village has to offer whether it be an athletic event or our schools, a walk into the 1940’s down the brick road of the shops of the Olde Main Street Museum, historical presentations, or a summer picnic at Cy Young Park after a dip in the pool.

"Come to Newcomerstown and find out all that is happening and watch us grow!"