The Cooley Hotel will soon be only a memory for residents of Newcomerstown. For the past several years, the memories have been anything but pleasant memories as the structure has become a significant eye-sore, as well as a safety hazard. According to a report given by Mayor, Patrick Cadle, the structure is scheduled to be imploded between August 23 and September 10, 2019.

According to the report several local establishments are contributing to the cost, and donating their time, or equipment for the demolition, including the Newcomerstown Historical Society, Baptist church, American Legion, Little’s Tree Service. It was reported that the cost for the fill-in of the structure’s basement foundation is $38,000.

The building demolition is planned via implosion, not with use of any explosives, but with use of a special technique of cutting into the structure layer by layer until it slowly collapses in a straight downward fashion. The village reports that they will be recommending anyone within a two block radius to take precautions due to an extensive amount of dust that will be created from the implosion. TR Construction of Akron are in charge of the demolition.

Once the site is filled-in and stabilized a parking lot will be constructed and utilized by the Newcomerstown Historical Society, and the Baptist church.