I saw a sign recently that said, "No act of love is ever wasted." Today I was reminded that there never was a greater act of love than when Jesus died for me. I heard a song that said, "Ten thousand angels awaited His call. He took on our sins and He carried them all." In my mind I can almost see the angels, watching, waiting, and listening as one asks another, "Do you hear anything?" Another says, "What do you see? Is He coming home? I don’t want Jesus to die. Maybe we should just go down there and bring Him back, those people don’t love Him. They don’t deserve His love." No, I don’t deserve what Jesus did for me, yet I know it was all a part of the plan; a plan without which I could never have eternal life. Jesus could have chosen not to continue with the crucifixion. I am so thankful He chose to die for me. Without His death I would still be headed for Hell with no chance of escape.

I always receive a blessing from the music and words of the songs. Today some said, "I’ll keep holding to the precious nail scarred hand." Others sang, "I’d like to say it again. Jesus blood can save you from sin."

Most of all the blessings come when I remember the many acts of love Jesus has shown to me.

Now I want to share the love and kindness He has offered. I want others to know of the wonderful blessings found in His Word; the promises He gave to all who truly love Him. I can tell them of the precious act of love completed on the cross at Calvary.