Adam Charles Downer was born on June 6, 1982, along with his twin brother Marc; two little babies, what would their future be?

Adam grew, as boys do, and soon there was a precious bundle, their daughter, Corie Renee with his girlfriend, Tristan Tennant. Although scarce as a father, his daughter weeps for our loss, along with her grandma Joyce Tennant. Also a loss for all the stray kittens he would bring home, all the vehicles he would fix, and roof repairs will miss his fearless climbing.

His mom and dad, Linda and Charles, will be reminded of him and his skills as they tread on sidewalks, flooring, and appreciate his handiness with a paint brush and building garden walls.

His most true love was the drug world starting with marijuana. Uncles John and Fritz Schwab and cousin Tim Schwab, loved him dearly and tried their best to help him, but Adam finally succumbed to his last love on Monday, Oct. 26, 2015.

Adam has left behind his brother, Marc, his brother's wife Dawnetta and 3-year old niece, Alice Marie, along with their new, yet unborn baby.

We pray his demons have been released and that he is at peace. We love you Adam.