Correction on church closing


I wish to correct a statement that was misquoted in the article regarding the closing of First Presbyterian Church.

Neither, I, nor the members of First Church, ever said that there was not effective ministry happening at 205 West Canal. What we did say was that we could not continue that ministry at that location. As our members move to larger church communions that ministry will most definitely continue. The voices of the children of the St. Cecilia Choir will be heard in other congregations, as will the wonderful music ministry of Susan Campbell and Garry Hanshaw.

Hopefully, many of us will gather again at St. Paul Lutheran to remember St. Francis of Assissi as we bless our pets and on Wednesdays to observe the Seasons of Advent and Lent. The voters of Newcomerstown will be recognized with an election night soup supper at one of our churches, I'm sure. And for anyone who was blessed to worship with us while Rev. Terry Timson was our pastor, his words of inspiration will be carried in our hearts for the rest of our lives.

Joan E. Brode