Money: The root of all evil


Now if you haven't been paying attention to just what is going on as it pertains to our nation's money crisis, I suppose you are among the lucky ones. As for the rest of the population, there seems to be some kind of problem with Washington needing more money to satisfy their insatiable greed. As is their customary way of solving this problem, they just print more paper. Only this time, they will have to print so much more than usual about the only thing it will be worth will be to burn in your stove to keep you warm at night.

When I first was made aware of this story, I started checking to see just how much money there is printed in the world and about six months ago, there was $4 trillion printed in all banks for all countries around the world and the United States already was in debt $9 trillion. Well, since then we have managed to spend $4.3 trillion more.

Now folks get ready, 'cause hard times they are a-coming. Money as we have become accustomed to is in the very near future is going to just disappear like your 401K plan. This latest bailout by all these so-called smart college grads makes a person think just what they would do if they had to pay this out like you or I at the service station. For example, $700 billion is equal to 7,000 million and $1 million of $100 bills weighs 70 pounds. So if you weigh this bailout in $100 bills, it comes to 490,000 pounds. Now to help us get a hand on just what is happening to us, we should fight to have a bill passed that whichever elected official wants to give money away should be forced to carry it around in bundles of $100 bills for at least one day before they give it to their friends. Now to better cause the flow of the people's money to slow down some, maybe we could have the tax assessors reduce property taxes as fast or faster than they raise them. Since this housing bust happened, most properties have decreased around 17 percent so we should expect a reduction of at least the same amount in our next property tax bill. Now if the value of your property increases, you can bet it won't be long before the state increases your taxes so now it becomes the duty of every property owner to demand their decrease because of the reduction in the value of their homes. This is easily done by just asking the county auditor's office to review your property appraisal.

Now that Washington has confirmed that our economy is headed for the bottom, it may be time for the people with any sense at all to start thinking and acting like they are broke 'cause -- in effect -- folks that is the reality. We, here in this little corner of the world, will be better off than most of the city slickers next year but it ain't going to be fun either way. We are living in an unpublished reality show. Reality will be with us for the rest of our lives like it or not. Now, I see some of us are so taken with the election of Barry Sotero (aka Barack Hussein Obama) that they are still worshipping money and idols through him in hopes they may get some kind of recognition. Read your Bible. Worship our Christian God through his son Jesus Christ. Pray the misguided learn the truth. "The love of money is the root of all evil."

Sam McVey