Please return my wallet


On Dec. 3, I reported to the police that my wallet came up missing (stolen). I hadn't been anywhere to lose it. There were only two people in my house and the one was only there five minutes and the other stayed a while. She thinks she's clever but I know and God knows they'll be a day come when she will stand before God and say she didn't do it. God's the judge of all 'cause one day every knee is going bow and every tongue is going confess that He is Lord.

This woman knows who she is and the way I feel ... once a thief, always a thief. She plays the dumb act and tells the judge she didn't know it was wrong when she went into a pharmacy in town and stole. She took from an elderly lady with checks to pay her own bills. She never got jail -- just a fine for all her crimes. She knows she got my wallet. And she just didn't take my wallet, but she stole from my grandchildren. I can't buy Christmas for them and that hurts very deeply. I've been good to her. She bums all month for cigarettes, toilet paper, shampoo and dish soap while she sends money to a guy in prison that she claims she loves and don't even know him. She's worse than the Grinch.

All I'm asking is please return my money and driver's license, and I won't take this any farther. If not, I will see my criminal lawyer ... you know who you are.

Marilyn Smith