Thanks for a great Christmas parade


Thank you to all the wonderful people who braved the weather on Dec. 6 to be in and those who watched the Newcomerstown Christmas Parade.

We would like to take this time to say thank you to Mitch Bradford for the wonderful care of the park and streets on our parade route -- great job! Also, thanks to Mr. Staggs for the East School, Jess Arth, April's Country Kitch'n, Eureka-Orme Hardware, McDonalds, Wendy's, Baker's IGA, Cato Foods, Tastee Apple, Don Brown, Plymouth Foam, Second Hand Hannah, Lowe's, Denny Belle, George Darr and Sarah Ashcraft.

A very special thank you to NERS for taking care of the treats, packing them and helping out Saturday evening.

Thank you Lona Arnold for all you did before, during and after the parade. You are a special person. A heartfelt thanks to Jim and Bill Lawrence for the use of the garage and all your help.

A very special thanks to Earl Wilson, Dan Johnson, John and Sarah Johnson, and Jeff and Riki Johnson for all the help with the Santa float and pulling it in the parade and all the wonderful help and support you gave us.

Also, thanks to everyone who was in the parade.

Bonnie Johnson