The Perfect Law


Before I being to define the perfect law it exists only here upon the blank page before me. After I fill the blank page with letters of the alphabet, confusion will become the new order of understanding. I will leave the reverse side blank so that it's undefiled space may enlighten you once more.

Life itself, i.e., "The Tree of Life," bears no forbidden fruit. Education is the tree of knowledge; it is cultivated by the law of opposition which attempts to ignore the perfect law of life.

Justice is served by the dispassionate monomial Mind of Life which is the indiscernible god of the "tabula-rasa" -- clean slate. The concept of (plural minds) is antithetical to the creator of everything good. The monomial Mind of Energy creates plural life forms with a will to live. Each has a psyche or Soul, which seeks the truth of it's own existence. Some souls train other souls to become slaves of the inverse order. They do this for money.

No matter how pious and benevolent institutions may seem to be the void of creation separates the thinking and knowing. What is ignored soon become unknown. Such as it is with the unknown God. Secular governments of the new world order have exiled the Mind of "Life -- The Living God" for their cause, which is power. Money -- is power and absolute power corrupts absolutely. (Lord Action).

My opinion herein is the only one that matters; I hold fast -- to my faith in The Perfect Law of Liberty and hope you do also. I would discourage the practice of voting for politicians which may be educated to lie for the love of money; this is evil.

The following sentence is true. -----------------------------.

Thank you.

Jesse A. McVey Sr.