From my home to yours

In the New World Order

Uniting all nations of peaceful dreams and battle flags unfurled

to symbolize opponents in disguise who obey a world of dreams;

Peace is good, crime is illegal, war is bad in the brave new world

of glorious leaders who dream of logical thoughts and schemes.

For Earthlings

Good lawyers of borrowed opinions commit laws by numbered words

obscuring justice with enlightenment forward from ancient times;

Embraced logic traces their relativity to ancient fish and birds

busy hatching legislation by evolution various opinion crimes.

Who dream of logic.

Nightmares of reality evolve as evil forces increase in defiance

over nothing but Darwin's dream where one creator don't exist;

His dream of logic-infected belief creates deceased junk science

on civilized shores a culture-clash of terrorism now persists.

Or intelligence

It created a jungle water-hole. It's images trampled a clearing --

before human logic and double negative was created in silence;

Life! (The Living God) -- of intellect knows silence creates hearing

thirsty prey and water creates predators in waves of violence.

And so we see --

Ethereal space-vacuum alone pulls stardust out from each quantum

creating photon radiations of light dividing days from night;

This creates our sense of sight as light travels in God's vacuum

'till resistance in our retinas see illusions of time by sight.

Deluded attributions

Unknown of those imaginables who love chaos in the bottomless pit

of mysterious death and life waging war without feet or hands;

Deluded attributions placing blame on devils and gods don't fit

for to move without moving at all is only what a God commands.

Of what dreams disturb -- if

Sealed in bottles cast into the sea the ripples change reality

into wild waves of insane height feared by some in daylight.

Where dreams subside into the gentle tide rising in one tsunami

wave breaking over rocks old bottles of dreams lost by night

A Happy New Year -- give me another bottle.

Jesse A. McVey Sr.