We of myth and science know

A new world order is waging war on we of space and dust

as yet we seek to live and serve in an infinite void;

Many follow factious metaphors, in many gods they trust --

but reap rewards of destiny being one by one destroyed.

To serve or not is not a choice, nor is any option given

we may ignore but will serve The Infinite God unknown;

For It is Life of myths and mysteries leading to heaven

where science knows mythology grows the new seeds sown.

So vast the mystery to explore it is impossible to start

understanding this unified-field for better or worse;

For ambient non-physical vacuum pulling everything apart

finds resistance in dust throughout my God's Universe.

The evidence is just the essence only of one Divine Mind

the energy of life's indescerning mind of those asleep;

To the mysterious, ethereal, vacuum unlike one of any kind,

unmeasurable distance omni-centered high-wide and deep.

Learned ignorance creates problems and has since it began

to ignore and teach innocents their vices to increase;

But the chief and first principal leads the thinking man

not by tether nor threat of death but rewarding peace.

Darkness is upon the deep, "The Infinite is cold and still."

It is the unmoved-mover and life, my God lives in motion.

Some on earth as it is in heaven claim to know God's will

as it was scribed in books somewhere in the cosmic ocean.

In fear of death and love of life so many teach and learn

to ignore their mind which reveals all things every place.

So something seems amiss when it is for a mind they yearn

in a world on earth in an infinite heaven known as space!

We of earth, air, fire and water, more than food and breath --

love this, a mysterious living God who refuses to evolve.

Earth as it is in heaven cannot be ruled by fear of death

and ignorance of metaphoric gods cannot a problem solve.

So I thought as suppositions grew concerning how I'd feel

long ago as I scribed books or chapters on my philosophy;

Where there was gravity is the mind of life's God so real

that schools of an inverse order now exit it to poetry.

Jesse A. McVey Sr.