Pirates and the old 'Jolly Roger' flag


In times gone by, things that were dangerous were always marked well but it's not that way today.

Intellectuals of today don't like things that are well-marked. Remember the old skull and cross bones flag called the "Jolly Roger" that the old pirate's ship would display? It made a clear statement that everyone understood and for years, it was a warning on all poison or explosive containers warning us "dangerous keep away." The old "Jolly Roger" has been replaced with a simple circle and slash. Somehow that doesn't make quite the same strong statement as the old "Jolly Roger" did. Even nature marks most of its dangerous animals and insects with bright distinct colors as a warning, dangerous keep away; for example, the poison dark frog, many of the poisonous snakes and many others.

However, we all know those things not marked well is what we get hurt by the most.

Politicians and intellectuals never seem to like things well-marked or direct statements. They would sooner rephrase or redefine in some fashion in order to manipulate or deceive and this is what has brought our recent dilemma in the financial complications in the world. Deceptive practices in the finance world has destroyed our pension plans, 401K, etc. One thing I've taken notice of ... it wasn't high school dropouts that put this world in a financial crisis that it is in today. It was those intellectuals, well-educated, from the most prestigious educational institutions. I would sue for my money back due to the deceptive education of my diploma. Because their theories did not work, plunging us into the present dilemma. And now these same intellectuals are about to redefine, rephrase and deceive the local populations by defining the language of levies, to an emergency status; time for the old "Jolly Roger" to appear because this, too, is dangerous. By defining the language to "emergency status" if your property value should decrease the effective rate of the levy, it will stay the same causing the citizens to pay a higher rate of tax for a deflated value of property. This is the way it was explained to me at the auditor's office. I believe if this is the course school districts are taking the taxpayer and if they are going to redefine all levies to an "emergency status," then at least they should show their true colors and hoist the "Jolly Roger" flag as a warning for citizens to at least recognize the danger of the deception. Perhaps there should be an old-fashion "tea party" right her at Newcomerstown in the Tuscarawas River.

Chester McVey