Thanks for making NHS Prom a success


On behalf of the Newcomerstown class officers (President Mitch Osso, Vice President Clint Foraker, Secretary Lexy Long and Treasurer Lexy Long), we would like to express our sincere appreciation to everyone that helped make our prom a success!


All of the juniors for working so hard to make our prom a success.

All the middle school teachers and staff for helping out however needed

All the high school teachers for letting the juniors assist with decorations during the day

Chaperones: Donnie and Lori Stevens, Lisa and Tony Incarnato, Tim and Lisa Sherman, Matt Ritzert, Jeff and Tanya Guilliams

Parking: Tim Sherman, Matt Ritzert, Jason Peoples, Jeff Staggs, Craig Hamilton and Jeff Baker

Amy Miller for the beautiful photo mural and for getting the chocolate fountain ready

Donnie Stevens and Craig Hamilton for getting the hut framed

Mr. Matchett and the wood shop for the boat and usage of materials

Mrs. Reid for the red construction paper

Mrs. Ringwalt and Mr. Baker for art supplies

Boltaron (Terry Stahl) for the flooring and cardboard

Plymouth Foam (Ron Mathews) for the seaweed, anchor, captain wheel, and the awesome 2009 and prom cutout letters

Dick's Place for the usage of the bar stools for our sea floor smoothies

McDonald's for the punch and cups

Wright's Water Company for the donation of the bottled water

Wendy's for their monetary donation

Robert's Men Shop for their monetary donation

Darr's Farms for the black plastic for the tunnel

Jen-Dee Floral and Heaven Scent Floral for inflating mylar balloons

Wal-Mart for the grant

Scott Long for donating aquatic decorations from Wet and Wild Pools and Spas

Shelly Meeks for selling the tickets and collecting the money

Charlie Lenzo for all his hard work for the construction projects, lighting and photography

Jeff Guilliams for preparing the trail and cheese tray

Cathy Ringer for preparing the veggie trays and letting us use her Longaberger baskets

Matt Ringer for donating the tubes for the castle

The Hinds family for the cool coral, treasure chest, and driftwood

Jennifer Baker for the usage of the life jackets

Jason Peoples for letting us use his boat

Mr. Sherman for letting us use his oars

Jill Little for letting us use the lanterns

Shelly Cline for helping with the tunnel

Announcers: Kaitlyn Hinds and Stacie Simmons

Servers: Morgan McAffee, Ashley Shugars, Hannah Rexroad, Cassie Schilling, Chelsea Fenton, Doug Dorsey, Jacob Everhart, Michael Amore and Matt Goodwin

Cindy Wright for volunteering each and every day throughout the week

Mike McKibben for hanging the wires and taking down the ceiling

Volunteers: Russ and Lynn Ham, Jim and Myra Marinucci, Nathan Marinucci, Dave and Sherry Cathery, Gale Lenzo, Dave Osso, Shawna McCoun, Holly Bracken, Joe Wright, Shery Thompson, Shelly Quillen, Sharon Reynolds, Missy Mckibben, Shelli Raach, Jennifer Moore, John Dupke, Gaye McDonnell, Jane Kirker, Tammy Martin and Sandy Kennedy.

(I'm sorry if I forgot anyone.)

Donna Yoder

Newcomerstown High School

prom advisor