Bicycle safety is important all year round


The bicycle riders are out and I commend them for getting off their duffs and riding to save energy and to exercise. Unfortunately, many youngsters and adults have either not remembered or never been taught the rules of the road. It's time for a refresher course.

1. As a bike rider, you must obey the rules of the road. Essentially, you are to use the same rules as a person driving a car.

2. You should check with your local municipality to see what size bicycles are permitted to ride on the side walks (if permitted at all).

3. Ride with traffic.

4. Ride single file.

5. One person to bike unless it is a tandem bike made for two people or you have a child seat with an appropriately-sized child in the seat.

6. Use hand signals, especially when you are in traffic.

7. Have necessary accessories on bike such as reflectors, mirror, light, bell or horn.

8. Avoid horse play.

9. Take extra care when approaching intersections, entrances and exits of businesses.

10. Choose a bike that is the proper height for the rider.

These are just a few tips to help both the bike rider and drivers of vehicles. I suggest to all parents, take your children on a bike ride and teach them how to ride. Often, towns offer bicycle safety programs, 4-H offers a bicycle safety project and another good resource of information for bicycle safety is the Internet. Please take advantage of these resources and star your children off right. And set a good example for youngsters by following the rules of the road.

Collette R. Burdette