"... and then the Giants Fell"

Silent, so silent they stand

with majestic limbs and wisened faces,

Masters of all they survey

Sentinals of ages past.

No eyes to see, nor ears to hear

the everpresent, everchanging world,

They catch the breeze, the wind, the gale

with outreached, open arms.

Embracing nature and finally succumbing to it

their cries -- sharp and frightful,

Splintering, fracturing, breaking

mortally wounded.

No safety in their shadow

no solace in their shade,

Once admired, respected -- now feared

the death knell begun.

Man plays the efficient scavenger

studying, scurrying, planning,

His ropes, his tools and saws

like ants devouring a carcass.

Trimmed, limbed, dissected, bisected

majesty tumbles to the earth,

Spines severed at the "timber" yell

... and then the giants fell.