Listen to your constituents


Romper Room is back on the air -- AKA "our Congress in action." After hearing the congressional leadership calling us violent and sore-headed losers, I am firmly convinced that they are referring to themselves. I have seen elected officials using the phone during a question, Barney Frank throwing a snit, Senator Reed calling us evil, and so forth. Something is wrong here. I've been wondering for a long time, "How stupid do they think we are?" Then I realized just how stupid an elected official is when they call us names. Do they forget that we vote? Zack Space is quoted as "not ducking his critics." I recently e-mailed a tough question to him which he ignored. Many of my friends e-mail him on a regular basis and report that he has stopped replying. How about those of us that do have questions? Talking to a half dozen folks in the neighboring county just doesn't hack it in my book. I did get a "sorry I missed you" message about a teleconference last year.

We want to know from our Congress (including Zack Space):

1. Why do you vote for bills you haven't read?

2. Why do you insist on healthcare changes that overwhelming numbers of us don't want? I have yet to find anyone wanting these changes.

3. Why don't you understand that you folks work for us, not the congressional leadership?

In fact, it would be really neat if you just stopped spending money for a while until we catch up!

If you can/will answer these simple questions to our satisfaction, we may consider you next election.

A copy of this letter is being e-mailed to Zack Space.

Terry Versch

Lafayette Township

Coshocton County