No more lengthy investigations here


I attended the council meeting Monday evening -- against my better judgment -- in hopes I could find some glimmer of hope for our village. But, alas, I came away thinking of Kimbolton, Glasgo and other small communities that have been relegated to the history of the area as also "rans."

Members of our village council and mayor surely have to be aware that not only is our national government broke but so is our state and county, and any offer of assistance from our retired police chief or any other person with expertise should be considered when it comes to saving money or our survival.

All too soon, we will no longer have a police department, village council and mayor, but we still will be paying taxes and having our Cy Young celebration every summer like Kimbolton does now with their celebration.

The village cannot afford anymore lengthy investigations or suspensions with pay.

In the future, every citizen that cares for our hometown and would like it to at least stop our slide into oblivion should demand answers -- an accountability form for our elected officials and appointed officials.

Pray for our town, it worked in my case.

"Sawdust" Sam McVey