Taxpayer concerned


Like many people in Congressman Space's district, I am disappointed with his decision to vote for the government takeover of our healthcare system. But I was even more disappointed when I went to my mailbox a few days ago to find that he is using taxpayer dollars to send out campaign-like literature to defend his liberal vote. If he feels the need to defend his vote due to the fact that it may cost him his seat in Congress next year, he should do so with campaign funds not my hard-earned tax dollars.

The most ironic thing about this piece is that it asks us to "get in touch with Congressman Space," which, many of us have tried to do since August without success. He had absolutely no interest in listening to his constituents and is determined to vote the way his party leadership is directing him. On Saturday, Nov. 28, the Columbus Dispatch reported that Space votes with the majority of his party 94.9 percent of the time.

Space can claim to be a blue dog but his actions speak louder than his words. Ohio's 18th District should be represented by someone who shares our values, not by one of the most liberal members of Congress. We should be represented by someone like Fred Dailey. The 2010 election season may be young but so far I am most impressed with Dailey's message of protecting the American dream and preserving our Ohio values.

Steve Hall, chairman

Coshocton County Republican Party