For the shape I'm in

When I wake up in the morning and my feet hit the cold hard floor,

I thank my God for granting me one day more,

I reach for my teeth and glasses as the days begin,

But I'm in pretty good shape, I guess, for the shape I'm in,

I have aches and pains aplenty but they are soon forgot,

For you see, at the age that I am ... I can't remember a lot,

I hang around fat people to make myself feel thin,

But I'm in really good shape, I reckon, for the shape I'm in,

When I look into the mirror, it's often that I see,

A withered up old person looking back at me,

My clothes shrink in the closet and I've got a double chin,

But I'm in wonderful good shape, I know, for the shape I'm in,

I sometimes need a midday nap to soothe my aching head,

But then I lay awake at night when I go to bed,

I haven't got a good night's sleep since I can't remember when,

But I'm in marvelous good shape, you bet, for the shape I'm in.

Joe H. Hill

West Lafayette