Volunteers, donations are what makes Journey's End so successful


Glory to God! The year 2009 was quite a banner year for Journey's End Ministries. Not only did we exceed all expectations in service to the community but so did the communities support for us by way of donations of money, food, clothing, personal care items and time.

From individuals, churches and corporations who donated large and small sums of money, to the middle school's donation of money and personal care items, to the Boy Scouts who donated food, to those who donated time and materials to fix our parking lot; all was deeply appreciated.

This community is awesome in its support of those less fortunate.

Our final numbers for the year show that our food pantry fed 39713 people, spent $38,245 for food, $6,160 for delivery costs and delivered 793,311 pounds of food at a cost of $.05 per pound. From our clothes closet, we gave away 198,000 pieces of clothing and miscellaneous items; all of that was from donations.

The real heroes here are the people who give of their time each week to make sure this place runs smoothly. We had over 70 volunteers who gave as little as two hours for the year to one who gave nearly 1,200 hours.

In total, we had 15,469 volunteer hours which I find totally amazing for the size of our community. I want to thank all of them for their dedication.

Here is a listing of all our volunteers for 2009: Ruth Adkins, Kevin Atkins, Sara Ashcraft, Charles Aubihl, Rev. Wayne Baker, Tim Baker, Rev. Tom Barber, Elise Barthalow, Bruce Barrick, Patty Blankenship, Carol Cain, Leonard Campbell, Joann Carpenter, Faye Carrico, Marie Charlton, Bettie Kay and George Clemmons, Alice Conn, Brenda Conrad, Oliver Dauberman, Marianne Dakin, Sandy Dobson, Priscilla Dorsey, Gloria Ellis, Hugh and Irma Everson, Beverly Fenton, Susan Ganz, Shirley Gardner, Burris Gardner, Judy Glazer, Suzie and Chuck Groff, Ed and Jodi Groff, Bill Hall, Rev.Russ Hamm, Elizabeth Hammersley, Nellie Haney, Joann Hannahs, Pastor Brent Heishman, Helen Heston, Ann Holland, Victor Huff, Marlene Jones, Harry Kenny, Jo Ann Kenny, Macira, Katelyn and Levi Kilpatrick, James Lehman, Penny Lewis, Larry Mayes, Alyce McNamara, Mary Lou Meeks, Patricia Meighns, Pastor Nelson Miller, Blake Norman, Arlene Nugen, Corky Ortt, Connie Parks, Kenny Porcher, Jennifer Rankin, Rick Rose, Jessie Rider, Linda Rochester, Malinda Schlabach, Donna Selman, Russ Sharrock, Peggy Shook, Trilba and Les Snyder, Dolores Stocker, Norma Stover, Yulanda Tarrance, Grover Taylor, Willard Tedrick, Robin and Dale Thornton, Martha Tilton, Jim Tirzop, Esther and Terry Versch, Roxie Vaines, Janis Watson, Barb Westhafer, Bill Wilmes, Rev. Stan Winters, Duane Woodson and Hobert Yazell.

We'd also like to put a special dedication to one of our volunteers who passed away in 2009: Bob Lashley.

It is also important to thank our board members for their guidance and support: Chairman Ed Groff, Treasurer Mary Welch, Secretary Mary Lou Meeks, and members Chuck Groff, Jodi Groff, Linda Rochester, Jim Marinucci, Pastor Nelson Miller, Rev. Tom Barber, Pastor Brent Heishman, Rev. Wayne Baker, Janis Regula, Doris Donley, April Howell and Kathy Green.

In all, we feel very blessed and thankful to God for his mighty work he is doing in Newcomerstown and through the volunteers in this ministry and we only pray that through us more will discover the love of Jesus Christ in their own lives. Thank you and may God bless you!

Janet Gore

Director, Journey's End Ministries