Wake up America -- change needs to comeEditor:Wake up America. Since November 2008, President Obama and his "feel good" administration have deliberately taken this country on a backwards journey, as far as our national security is concerned. The latest examples include seven dead CIA agents as a result of a "human bomber" that was invited onto the base in Afghanistan. In addition, the other "human bomber" who nearly blew up a Northwest Airline flight coming into Detroit on Christmas day with 300 people on board. Also, the shooting at Fort Hood by a known Muslim radical who had been in frequent contact with an even worse radical.We have all these "do gooders" heading up our national security agencies as the administration tries to make us nice, humble and respected, even in the most evil countries. The leaders of these countries have thumbed their collective noses at us and we continue to be more vulnerable and less safe. Maybe, we should start spending more money on the fight against terrorism and less on climate control, cap and trade, excessive spending and Acorn.It is time for change, not transformation. I urge the citizens of Tuscarawas County to evaluate a true conservative, Jeanette Moll, to be our next Representative in Congress. Wake up conservatives and vote on May 4, 2010, to make important changes happen. Please do not leave this hard earned "freedom to vote" idea up to someone else.J.O. BrickPort Washington