A public school


"We can no longer hide behind our love of local control over the schools," President Bill Clinton said Jan. 22, 1997.

Local control over public schools is history; the term "public" now incorporates "global interests" (not local). Globalism is here under the new "master curriculum (syllabus)" for teacher training in information technologies. The United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization, i.e. UNESCO, designs curriculum for public schools in the global village. Newcomerstown is of course included.

There is a cooperation agreement between Microsoft Corporation and UNESCO signed Nov. 17, 2004, in Paris, France, to this effect. The National Governors' report of December 2004 makes it clear that public schools will be used to build a "planned economy." The winds of change had little to do with current globalist intent to change free enterprise systems into global communism. Any planned economy must of course usurp all local control over public school boards.

President Reagan withdrew the United States from UNESCO in 1984 because it was corrupt, anti-Western and a vehicle for the far left propaganda. President Bush rejoined UNESCO in 2003 for an unknown reason.

Bill Gates of Microsoft and UNESCO will now explore how to brew a world-class brand of Kool-aid. President Obama will provide them with the sugar they need. Suffer your little children to drink up.

I write this in reply to my perplexed brothers who may think that "the winds of change caused things to be as they are." Things get to be as they are because of the way they are governed.

A public school can be a newspaper or any form of information I or you could think of. Thinking and knowing is different of course. I know "political liberty" and "political correctness" are enemies of each other. Political correctness sensors what you know. I must choose political liberty to be true to myself.

This of course makes me a heretic (heresy means "to choose"). They who love to think and act for themselves, love political liberty. I, who love to think and act for themselves, love political liberty. I am an enemy of political correctness. Join me if you please is the polite way.

Heretics live in an unorthodox world in search of truth which sets they free from orthodoxy. Political correctness forbids you to even speak the truth if it offends anyone. Dictionary redaction is now at hand in a public school near you. I hope the editor doesn't redact my letter to a public school.

Jessie A. McVey Sr.