Thanks for a great fashion show


Many thanks are being given to the Newcomerstown Library Fashion Show sponsors and volunteers.

As I had hoped, everyone working together could make a fashion show in a small community possible, allowing for a fun and morale-building event for many of the children, teens and adult models that participated. We had nearly 70 models ranging from as young as four-years-old to adult.

I would like to thank all our sponsors once again, starting with a very special thank you to Kohl's Department Store in New Philadelphia. It was a wonderful surprise when five of Kohl's employees (Kohl's A-Team volunteers) walked in the day of the show to volunteer their much-needed help back stage. Kohl's fundraising efforts all stay here in Tuscarawas County. They specify their help to benefit children. When I heard this, I sent a letter asking for help to save the wonderful children and teen programs offered at the library, which are very important to our small community. It was the beginning of a fantastic day knowing Kohl's was supporting our fundraiser. I feel these special children and teen programs offer even more, along with reading skills. They are creative and fun programs that also jump-start young imaginations, build self-esteem and give teens a safe place to express themselves and make friends. These programs are so fascinating to the young children that they actually begin to focus their young attention. One of the children's very favorite programs is "Reading with the Book Hounds." Murphy and Marley, two gentle lovable bloodhound labs that belong to librarian Linda Hren. It is one program that not only teaches reading but also social skills and treatment of pets. A darling trophy with a replica of Murphy and Marley is given to each child completing the program.

Everyone working together volunteering his or her time and talents is what made our show a success, and I'd like to personally thank everyone today!

Thank you Cheryl and Bill Graham. Cheryl, who has taught music and band for 41 years, and along with her husband, Bill, provided me with every piece of music I asked of them. They did it graciously and encouragingly just because they care about children and libraries.

Also thank you to Mary Lynn Berkshire of Studio 3 Dance in Newcomerstown. Cindy Godfrey Clay of New Philadelphia, Susie Bower of Newcomerstown and Kim Roberts of St. Clairsville for further fashion show music consultation.

Thank you Lora Cotton of Dover who was extremely busy and kind. She stretches her talents and support to many organizations. Cotton took the time to give my hopeful-models some modeling and walking advise, as well as helping build their confidence.

Thank you Dixie Dyer of Dover -- a personal friend of mine for being the perfect announcer. Dyer, a former professional model and mother of two boys, used not only her fashion skills but also her skills as a parent to make the audience laugh, and make the teens and children feel special. Dyer, I knew you would be great with your fabulous speaking voice but you went beyond my expectations.

Thank you to Cheryl Bordner of Newcomerstown for also using your lovely voice and singing for our children section. You were certainly a hit with the audience!

I'd also like to thank Mayor Bob Hendricks of Scio. He was on our program to sing, "Pretty Woman," for our prom section and was looking forward to helping out by donating his time and talents. However, he was unable to attend because he was needed to help a friend who was facing a family tragedy. I send my deepest sympathy to the family.

I'd like to thank three of Newcomerstown's beauty salons:

* Jude's Hair Care -- The salon styled several girl's hair and even donated a complete color, cut and style for one lucky lady. The winner was absolutely thrilled!

* T's Kut and Kurl -- Styled several updos for girls modeling prom dresses, as well as several other darling style.

* System III -- Also styled several updos for girls wanting to experience that prom feeling, along with several other styles. Every girl was 100 percent satisfied!

Several of these local beauticians also came on board behind the stage and did some touchups for the girls. Thank you beauticians, you make us, women, feel beautiful with every visit but on this day, you made every girl and adult feel like a true princess! Your talents showed in our show with the lovely pride and confidence each girl portrayed.

Thank you Newcomerstown florists:

* Heaven Scent Flowers and Gifts provided the beautiful bridal bouquet of red roses tossed by model Emily Sezuki who modeled an original 1890 bridal gown, courtesy of Rainbow Party Rentals of Dover. Heaven Scent also provided the lovely bouquet given to the announcer Dixie Dyer.

* Silkworm Flower Shop and Jen-Dee's Floral and Gifts provided orange carnations with black bows to represent Newcomerstown High School to each lucky girl modeling one of the gorgeous prom gowns provided by The Bridal Universe at Unusual Junction in West Lafayette.

Pangrazio's Pizza and Spaghetti House of Dennison -- Thank you for the donation of delicious pizza for my hardworking backstage staff.

Thank you Christ United Methodist Church for the use of the church auditorium, and a wonderful and pleasant staff who was always helpful.

Thank you Laurna Brown for corralling up high school students and helping the girls with their modeling. They love you! And thanks for modeling yourself -- you're a natural!

Thank you library staff:

* Pam Pulley -- You were my right-hand woman. You helped with every part of the show and without you, it would have never happened. Also for spending an entire day selling coupon books. I owe you dinner ... any place, you choose.

* Michele Groves for not only being a super model but also announcing the children's program.

* Cody Addy for the awesome posters (everybody loved), video help and modeling.

* Margaret Hirschfield for the fantastic library decorations, moral support, pushing those ticket sales and financial donation.

* Linda Hren for write-ups, taking Marley and Murphy out for coupon book sales and decorating.

* Jennifer Coventry for write-ups and taking tickets the day of the show.

* Belinda Larrick for decorating the library and pushing ticket sales. Also for attending the committee meetings and making good suggestions.

* Shirly Hagon for your great modeling job.

* Natalie Jones for modeling and allowing your pups to model.

* Helen Booth for modeling and being a great former child librarian. Zoe's a lucky little girl.

Thank you Back on Track Fundraising Committee:

* Gretchen Yerian for all the supervising at practices and backstage. You handled it perfectly.

* Sandy Henry for helping with church schedules and making last-minute announcements.

* John Cigavic for attending meetings and offering great input.

* Brenda Hernstein for the giant book decoration and support.

* Denny Belle for modeling and always being cheerful and helpful about everything.

* Annette Parks for modeling and for introducing me to Longaberger baskets. I would have lost my keys, two walkie-talkies, a cell phone and who knows whatever else without my Longaberger basket.

Ray Booth -- I do not even know where to begin to thank you. You got the press rolling and the script complete, accepted days of my notes thrown at you at the last minute and didn't even get flustered or angry. Thank you for your nerve of steel patience. Also, thank you for modeling and announcing Michele.

Church staff (special thanks):

* Joy Snyder for all your help and advice.

* Brad Opphile for video taping our show and for being professionally patient with the music.

* Sandy Henry for recommending such a perfect place for the show.

Studio 3 tap dancers: Marlie Moner, Hannah Johnson, Addison Guy, Tayte Bryan and instructor Mary Lynn Berkshire -- you're an angel. Thank you!

Thank you to my only teenage male models and performers: Jacey Wigfield, Colton Bunner, Chris Yoho and Brady Rogers. Thank you for your outstanding performance and hard work. You guys are outstanding and really wowed the audience!

Thank you Newcomerstown High School athletes for escorting our lovely ladies in prom attire.

Thank you each and everyone of my models. Each of you added your very own special pizzazz. You were the show!

Thank you Newcomerstown Mayor Steven Guy and your lovely wife, Melba, for being there for your community and your super modeling performance!

Of course it is impossible to thank my clothing sponsors enough. Without you, nothing would have been possible. I appreciate all your time and hard work getting everything here. Thank you for helping our small community make this fundraiser possible.

Thank you Walmart of New Philadelphia. Thank you Angie in personnel for bringing in your adorable children's' fashions.

Thank you Elder-Beerman of New Philadelphia for adorable children's' fashions and outstanding adult fashions.

Thank you Jeff for the toting in of all the great clothes.

Thank you Treva for allowing Murphy and Marley to visit your store. Sorry, Treva, but Isabella, our iguana, is a little shyer around people. You will just have to visit the library to see her.

Thank you Bowman's Sportswear of Newcomerstown for providing great sport clothes for my only teenage male models.

Thank you Deb Shop, Maurices, CJ and Christopher Banks -- Not only did you provide our girls and women's clothes, you gave them a fashion experience they can't quit buzzing about. They will never forget. Your professional knowledge of fashion and eye for detail and correct fit, made each lady feel special, happy and proud.

Special thanks: Ora Smallridge of Deb Shop; Tiffany Vigel of Maurices; Victoria Frank, announcer for Maurices; and Bonnie Burns, announcer for CJ and Christopher Banks.

Thank you Rainbow Party Rentals of Dover for not only allowing the models to wear the precious vintage collection but also for all your time and knowledge spent discussing vintage fashions, for the caterpillar costume, and for the fabulous display you also set up for everyone to enjoy.

Thank you to the Bridal Universe in West Lafayette for providing the most beautiful gowns in the universe. Your gorgeous gowns were our grand finale and what a finale you provided us with!

Each and every sponsor, model, volunteer and audience attendee has contributed in some way to make our special even a success. If you attended or told someone that did, then you, too, were a part of helping our community in working to save this wonderful library. Thank you every one.

Anyone wishing to purchase a video of the fashion show can order one at the Newcomerstown Library.

Tammy Shinaberry

Fashion show coordinator