Citizen supports new police chief


In regards to the article about Newcomerstown Council trying to oust our new police chief ... Maybe it's time the councilperson be replaced. The village needs a chief that is in control rather than a puppet that can be controlled by one councilperson. The people of Newcomerstown better wake up and support this chief. When your co-workers support you, it is a great honor.

Let's (the citizens of Newcomerstown) get behind this chief and give him a chance. I've heard nothing but good things about him. We need a chief that takes control and knows what his officers are doing. At least I don't see any more police sitting, and eating donuts and coffee all the time. You keep on doing a good job Chief Holland and don't let one councilperson run you.

If we can't keep a good chief because of a councilperson, maybe we should go the route of sheriff department. They, surely, can't run the whole sheriff's department.

Goldie Abbuhl