Thanks for donations at Relay food stand


Newcomerstown has just had its seventh Relay For Life which was a huge success.

Events like this are made possible with teamwork and community participation.

We had a great concession stand this year and we would like to thank the following for their donations: April's Country Kitch'n, Caito Foods, Chilly Willy's, Cindy Ramey, Cy Young Lanes, Darr Farms, Dick's Place, Dollar General, Dover-Phila Federal Credit Union, Duke Station, Family Dollar, Little Debbie snacks, Little Excavating, McDonalds, Newcomerstown Truck Stop, Pepsi Cola, Ritchey Produce, Smoker's Paradise, Subway, Touraine Club, Wendy's and Yummy Drive Thru.

If we have omitted anyone, we apologize because we sincerely appreciate all who made contributions. Thank all of you again and look forward to next year.

Mindy Worthington and Karen Little

Relay For Life's Food Committee