Are you a fisherman or a fisher of men?


Did your Dad ever take you fishing? Did he ever say be quiet so you don't scare the fish? Some Christians (including me) are so passionate about our salvation, we tend to scare more fish away from Jesus than our nets catch! To a non-believer who is looking for HOPE or HELP; someone who has never heard or read the Bible will not be impressed or even curious by someone that quotes John 3:16. They are not seeking a memory expert, search engine or a GPS location! They might get interested if you simply said, "God so loved the world, that He gave his only begotten Son to pay the penalty for our sins." You should know the scriptural reference, if they ask.

If we use too many "Praise the Lords," "Hallelujahs" and "Amens" (except in your personal church worship), we may project the image that we have done something in our past that we are trying to fix. This takes away from the message; that the blood of Christ cleanses and sets us free to live without guilt!

Because we are seeking a relationship with God, do not try to be religious! Religions are founded by some very un-wise men! Putting too much trust in a pastor or priest, or any one organization sets the stage for disappointment. People are Christ's Church not buildings or organizations.

I believe if we show love, respect and are able to forgive our enemies, offer help to those having difficulties, project an image of peace and joy, even during our times of trials and tribulations, we will attract more inquiries than, charging in and proclaiming, "I am here to pray for you brother or sister!"

So now, "Are you going to catch some fish" or will you just scare them away?

Joel Lee Styer