Exploring the 'er' factor

One of the first "er" factors we have all been exposed to and is for certain a myth is "the Grass is always greener on the other side of the fence."

We live in a society of "er," tooth paste to make teeth whiter, detergent to make clothes brighter, air freshener to make air smell better, vitamins to make you feel better, work outs that make you feel younger, clothes that make you look slimmer, bras that make you look fuller, shampoos that make hair shinier and smoother, amplifiers that make music louder, microwaves that heat food quicker, engines that make cars go faster, window cleaner that makes windows shinier and make-up that makes you look prettier.

Have you noticed each generation has their own set of "er"s. Didn't your parents walk further to school, didn't grandparents work harder, good old days were better, winters were colder, snow was deeper, summers were hotter, Aprils were wetter, cars were built tougher and light bulbs lasted longer.

Then there are the fact "er"s, the economy is weaker, interest rates are higher, people are fatter, communications are faster, cars are made safer, people live longer, groceries and gas prices are higher.

Next we have the "er"s that as we get older we all start to observe. Rainbows were brighter, scales weigh us heavier, our hair is grayer, days get longer, food used to taste better, newspaper print was bigger, roses use to smell sweeter, hills are higher, our waist lines are larger, people speak softer, and the walk to the bathroom is longer.

I came to see the "er" factor when I was a little girl and my brother informed me my best friend and neighbor was "er," cuter, nicer, prettier and sweeter and God forbid her hair longer. (Now I realize my obsession with having my hair long). I soon realized he was the "er" in my life at that time. He was meaner, uglier and nastier than any brother could be. After all, I was his sister.

So for years, I've been listening and observing the "er"s and have found them very interesting. Oh, how we justify our lives using the "er" factor. The only truth of the "er" factor is that we are all getting older.

Collette R. Burdette

West Lafayette