Wreck of a troop train

It was in the early morning,

when the fog lay all around;

the Spirit of St. Louis

was running westward bound.

In front there was a troop train

carrying soldiers brave and true.

They were enroute to Atterberry,

basic training to do.

They came from Pennsylvania,

from homes they loved so dear,

and were going to take their training

before sailing for Korea.

The troop train was stalled

for a repair they said,

but the Spirit of St. Louis

was coming right ahead.

The flag was waving wildly,

the flares were burning bright.

But the Spirit of St. Louis

came on with all her might.

She smashed into the troop train,

and, it was sad to say,

when all the dead were counted,

they numbered thirty-three.

The wounded they were cared for

by nurses and doctors, too,

and the people of the village

did all that they could do.

This happened in Ohio

at a place called (West) Lafayette;

it will be a day remembered

with sadness and regret.

Written by Fannie Emslie of West Lafayette