The foot that went astray is truly not a gentle path. The heart that's turned to stone is not easily crushed and made pliable again.

To have loved and walked on the road of no more remembrance, then to look back and recall the days forgotten.

A plea is being sent to you. A card of joy and hope is being sent to you.

The eyes that you have tried so hard to hide from, you haven't hidden. I remember you.

The cause of your fall has been noted, I have seen your hurt. I have seen your sorrow.

The call to come home is now. The time you've spent running is over.

My grief has been great. Your burden I have known.

This is a call to all who have been wondering. Lost and without justice.

A call to those who are seeking but afraid to turn back.

To all those whose light has been dimly lit, or completely extinguished,

This is your call to come home.

The Shepherd has opened the gate, He stands with outstretched hands and calls to all those who are lost. You take the first step and Jesus Christ will run to meet you.

Get back to house of God. To the house you've left. Support your pastors and together we can make a difference in our town, our people and our neighboring communities.