Support the library; vote 'yes' on Issue 3


I'm not from Newcomerstown but four years ago, I had the good fortune to visit the Newcomerstown Public Library. What a surprise! A very impressive selection of books, a magazine selection comparable to larger libraries, and an excellent children's area. How amazing, I thought, for a small town like Newcomerstown to have a library like this.

I learned the history of Newcomerstown and the library and how the entire community pitched in and got the new library built. Only a generous and supportive community could have accomplished this. It sounded like the whole town was involved!

As I'm sure you and your readers are aware, funding cuts have made it impossible for the library to keep up with expenses. Hours have been cut, purchases have been cut, programs have been cut, employees have been cut. What happens when there is nothing left to cut? Do the doors close? What a loss that would be for your community!

Community support for your library has been evident in donations and attendance at your fund-raisers and events, but the library needs long-term support right now.

As a neighbor who cares about your community, I urge everyone to once again show your support for the future of your library and vote "yes" on Issue 3 on Nov. 2. A "yes" vote will insure that the doors will be open when you or your children or grandchildren need to borrow a book or movie, use a meeting room, or use a computer, without having to drive to Coshocton or New Philadelphia. The library needs every community member to make a commitment to support the library by voting "yes" on Issue 3.

Pam Pulley

West Lafayette